Storm International storms the Baltics

Дата публикации: 12 июля 2018 года в 21:12.
Категория: Общество.

Storm International company, known for its gaming empire in the CIS and slot-halls in Germany, undertook the conquest of the Baltics. In 2017, the first casino of the company in the EU was opened - it is SL Casino in Riga. It is located in the exclusive Kempinski Hotel in the heart of the city, close to historical and cultural attractions.

Michael Boettcher, Storm International founder, began the development of the brand in Moscow, 1992. Even then, the landmark was to take on the VIP niche and respectable guests. The basis of the work was impeccable service, fair play and caring attitude of the staff. A special feature of the brand are unusual shows and solid prizes: cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles. 

Entering the Baltic market was a serious step, for which the company was prepared. The competition in this region is quite high, although, there is some space for a VIP casino. This area became the sphere of interests of Shangri La, Michael Boettcher shared. 

The company not only opened a casino, but is also actively participating in the life of the region. Mr. Boettcher attended the Riga Gaming Congress, where he made a presentation on the work in different jurisdictions. Thus, doing business in the Baltic region differs significantly from doing business in other CIS countries. But a good market study before the opening of SL Casino allows the company to count on success in the long term. Moreover, all the same strict principles and the same hospitable attitude to visitors are used in the work. 

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